[Ekomusic TGIF] Five Buzzy Places On a Friday Night In Lagos

Night Life In Lagos

Friday in Lagos is a day to be thankful for, we’ll mention 5 places that are buzzy in the state.

1. Afrika Shrine

New Afrika Shrine

Home of Afro Music Legend Fela Remains one of the best spot to hangout on a Friday night in Lagos. It location in Alausa Ikeja has made it central for people to come in, it is usually filled up with people from all parts of Lagos coming in to enjoy the Afro sound as they order for bottled palm wine,Roasted meat (asun),Skushis,Smoke,Soft & Alcoholic.

Nevertheless, it is also a center for tourist from other parts of the globe.

2.Elegushi Beach

Elegushi Beach, Lekki Lagos

It’s always a good time at the beach side during the day, when you get to see a large turn up, with horse riding, girls in bikini and selfies going straight up on IG. when it getsdark the beach houses used as bars and clubs get so buzzy with hot girls flocking around shaking their butts to the nice sound. If you are an Artiste you should target this place because countless artiste made it from there,also, you get to jam top notch artiste during shows and carnivals.



Cool spot for the sharp shooters, as it is always crowded with gorgeously looking commercial sex workers who are looking for a hookup for the night. Music Rolling, Vendors always around to sell out food, suya and other junks to people around, one good thing about pekas is that you never get bored around that place, if you don’t feed your stomach, you’ll feed your eyes.

4.Club Royale

Club Royale is usually very tough here on Friday nights, as the club is not actually big enough to contain its Audience. people always troop in and out like they have no where else to go, it’s a complete shut down at Royale located at Oba Akran very close to computer village Ikeja, Cars are parked around the road side, Slay Queens never slack a bit here, they are always looking out for the Geez. Big Up’s to the management of this club from the Ceo Charles Lawal, To Dr Dren, Laulau you guys are doing a great job in making Lagos lively.



last but not the least is the Shina peller owned club, it’s so expensive here to say, it’s a home of celebrities, and a spot where foreigners chill, sited by the road side it doesn’t allow cars in its little space compound. We don’t know if it will be continuous but the club didn’t open for one month during Ramadan this year.


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