[Lyrics] Ekomusic x Sotors x Shegrin – Japaa (Trap Version)


Japaa Lyrics

Japaa Lyrics
Japaa Lyrics


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Son of the Old Retired soldier (Giran)!
They call me BankOfBlessing.

Telephone Voice

I don’t have money for cab can I take uber
Ehn no problem now just take uber Ehn.
(A Nigga Thousand Hustle)
or can I take taxify Instead
Anyone you want to do out of the two is okay by me,no problem
Ya, I’ll be on my way right now
Omo ase oshin sun!

Oje ni won lo!
Kosowo lowo won Oje ni wonlo
Japaa (hehe)
Oje ni won lo
Fake Credit Card lawon boiz yen lo.

Verse 1 (Shegrin)

She know the boy is rapper
I’m coming straight for the raba
I’m cruising down from Ojota
She want me to give her a lift down to Yaba
And when we arrive at the Yaba, she tell me say no she be heading to lekki
Ogbeni bo lé ko Japaa to ba lo waste time oma je foti
Naso I meet her for IG
She tell me her papa na IG
We have a house in Vgc
My life is simple like abc
Nishe nimo tete besemi soro before the girl kill me with fallacy
I love you Gan you a cool kid
I Don dey come baby cook keep
Heavy make up wey dey stain white
20,000 followers if you check on her picture she barely get 10 likes
She want to come with her friends, won ti Fogo won ra benz
To batiri won ko japaa
Alaye sare mu fence
She want to love you for money.
She want dey love you for things
She wanna slay on your pay
She wanna stand in your way
Alaye try go japaa
Alaye try go Japaa.

Oje ni won lo!
Kosowo lowo won Oje ni wonlo
Japaa (hehe)
Oje ni won lo
Fake Credit Card lawon boiz yen lo.

(Giran!, Ekuro ejekon rawa no)

Verse 2 (Sotors)

You want me buy you IPhone X
Why don’t you ask your papa
May be had a lot of funds when he meet your mama
Remember back in the days when I gat no raba
Now ladies full my doorstep just to ride on my ladder.
Church girl Japaa
I can’t smoke Japaa
I can’t go out in the night mummy’s girl Japaa
I’m still a virgin Japaa
I can’t do it now Japaa
But you don dey collect my money since all this while (mstchew) can you imagine (telephone voice) japaa
Woo woo woo tebatiri won e Japaa
Wooooo Wooooo wooo tebatiri won e japaaa
Awon S*rz yen tin bo Oya e Japaa
Gbera, Mere, Gbera Japaa!

Written by Sotors & Shegrin

Thanks for listening.


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